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New dynamic signatures

14. Nov 2006
Hello, everybody!

Yet again, the TSViewer.com program has been extended, or more precisely: The variety of dynamic TeamSpeak signatures has been enlarged.

What are dynamic TeamSpeak signatures?
Dynamic TeamSpeak signatures are live generated GIF graphics displaying important details of your TeamSpeak server, e.g. the name of your server or clan, the TeamSpeak IP adress, the number of currently present users, the total number of all users of the current day or, of course, a link to your website.

Here you see for example the 400x58px signature:

The available styles of dynamic TeamSpeak signatures are listed below:
- 468x120
- 468x60
- 400x58 *NEW*
- 400x58 Xtra *NEW*
- 302x58 *NEW*

The new categories of game themes are listed here:
- Battlefield 2142
- Joint Operations
- Warcraft 3
- Halo
- EverQuest 2
- Soldier of Fortune 2
- SimRacing

Here you see for example the 400x58px Xtra signature with the BF2142 motive:

As the data are generated live, they are always up-to-date and so the dynamic TeamSpeak signatures can for example be used as forum signatures or TS status banners on your homepage. Just type in your server ID (you get it by registering your server at TSViewer.com) and get going HERE !

Here you see for example the 302x58px signature with the Counter-Strike motive:

If you have any ideas concerning different size, style or structure of signatures, just work something out and send it to me. I ´m open to everything – as long as it´s good ;)
Have fun with the new signatures!

With kind regards,
Mariusz aka ginger|HFD