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NEWS #44
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  • Yippee

    22.03.2008, 22:22:07
    Is there a turorial on how to make one?
  • ginger|HFD

    18.03.2008, 21:16:21
    Definetly yes, its on my TODO list but there are more important things first.
  • Yippee

    13.03.2008, 19:06:48
    Hey i dont suppose you do custom signatures?
  • ginger|HFD
    High FiDelity

    05.02.2007, 08:35:46
    Hey aphos,

    excuse my late answer. I will modify the WOW dynsigs and will make them more universal (horde and alliance). There will also come other formats. Maybe not 596x30 but i think something similiar.

    Thanks for your feedback aphos.
  • aphos
    Cry Havoc

    31.01.2007, 16:24:55
    ginger - nice touch but your "alliance" is show =) - any shot at some Horde images? and any possibility of a wider/narrower version say 596 x 30?
  • ginger|HFD
    High FiDelity

    15.11.2006, 09:37:09
    Thanks. Yes it is possible. You need to make some own html code for this. First you need a popup javascript. You can find this for example here in my source code:

    Then you need to give the image a href link with the execution of the popup javascript to this file with your server ID at the end:

    Thats it. Easy isnt it? :D
  • PCRacer

    15.11.2006, 03:58:21
    looks great ginger!
    is it possible to set it up when you click the image, it will open up the login popup?
    keep up the good work!
  • storz

    14.11.2006, 18:24:26