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  • 11.11.2017, 22:05:27
    Du suchts ein Multigaming Teamspeak? Dann komme gerne auf den Teamspeak Server Game-OS.de
    Zusammen mit anderen Usern kannst du dann deine Spiele spielen. Wenn du mal keine Lust hast kannst du gerne auch in die Musikchannels rein gehen.

    Wir freuen uns auf dich!
    #Game OS
  • FlareCO

    08.10.2017, 00:13:00
    TSViewer helps me a lot to find a lost user. Thanks for the User Search Option.
  • Fred van der Meulen

    29.04.2017, 12:24:20
    ok i have it work you need a third port

    tcp 30033
  • Fred van der Meulen

    29.04.2017, 12:01:57
    thanks ginger.i will take a look
  • ginger

    29.04.2017, 01:37:30
    No idea. Never heard of this issue. Check out the official forums. You will most propably find some hints there.
  • Fred van der Meulen

    27.04.2017, 22:34:01
    how can i fix this i.am admin server. Transfer "avatar" reports: (lost file transfer connection)
  • ginger

    11.03.2017, 22:55:35
    Hi Fred,

    what did happen is you lost your ts3 client identity. The server does not recognize you cause you are joining with a brand new identity. You can maybe edit the mysql lite database and replace the old identity with the new one. Thats an idea that comes to my mind. Maybe there are other ways. However you will gonna have more luck in the official forums for this specific issue.
  • Fred

    10.03.2017, 17:46:03
    Hi All,

    My question is, how can I get permission back again. I recently put on Windows 10 again, and the backup of Teamspeak 3 server. But I am not an admin anymore. I hope someone can help me, otherwise I have to do all over again, and that'll cost me an hour and a half to configurate everything, and I wanted to know if there was a faster way. Could you guys help me?

    Greetz, Fred
  • bob

    05.03.2017, 11:15:56
    to expand on that, i believe its the right of any internet user not to see any advertising they don't wish to see. i can understand your view of reduced revenue but that is a lesser concern. the proliferation of internet advertising has become a major issue on many sites not just this one. there are other ways to raise funding for running costs click bait isn't the answer.
  • bob

    05.03.2017, 10:39:23
    do you find it acceptable to block ads on cost-free and legitimate sites?

    yes i do