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TeamSpeak 3 Server Blacklist

Controls the visibility of an TeamSpeak 3 server on TSViewer.com

You can blacklist your TeamSpeak 3 server, if you dont want it to be registrable on TSViewer.com. The blacklisting will delete the server if it is registered on TSViewer.com already.


To insert/remove an server to the blacklist, it is required for the TeamSpeak 3 server to be online and have his name changed temporarily to TSV Blacklist


Blacklist Alternatives

You can, alternatively to the blacklist, block queries of your TeamSpeak 3 query port with your server firewall or revoke the required permissions for a TSViewer on your TeamSpeak 3 server. Only this measures block any TSViewer scripts (i.e. other websites or apps) from querying your server.

Blacklist IP completely

If you want to insert/remove an full IP address from the blacklist then contact me via Email. This is only possible, if you are the Administrator of the dedicated server.