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Scheduled relocation today

12. Nov 2010
The hosting company of TSViewer.com is moving today night to their new data center in Strasbourg. TSViewer.com services will be not available during that relocation.

They, their sister and their mother company are already moving their customers since weeks there. Today night me and other customers are getting moved. The server needs to get dismantled and moved from Frankfurt to Strasbourg on the road. It are only 220 km so the trip shouldnt take long.

The relocation begins at 23:30 GMT +1 (in 4.5 hours) and will be completed not later than 08:00 GMT +1.

A friend of mine is making a server available for TSViewer.com during the relocation. So during that time the DNS from TSViewer.com will be pointed to a another IP which will be serving static HTML and JS files only. There will be a message shown in the TSViewer like "Server relocation, service will be up again in a few hours" or something similiar. The portal (this site) will be showing such a message also.

In this way your site loading will be not interrupted. If there wouldnt be an another server available serving data we would have a unpleasant problem. Therefore thank you Linuz for making the relocation so painless!

I will be waiting until the TSViewer.com server will be back online again and will power up all services and features. The hosting company thinks the relocation should only last a few hours, 4-6 hours are realistic. I hope they will be able to get through this as planned without any complications, failures errors and wish them best of luck!