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New TeamSpeak 3 beta versions

11. Nov 2010
TeamSpeak Systems released a few days ago a new TeamSpeak 3 Client version and today a new TeamSpeak 3 server version.


The client is beta-36 and there are again two bugfixes they want to mention specifically:
Fix 1
a bug that would lead to your voice activation no longer activating when you had any manual push to talk key-binds added
Fix 2
a bug that was introduced with beta35: The setup wizards push to talk setup key was added incorrectly

The auto updater of the TS3 client will automatically update the client or it will have done that already in many cases. If not you can of course download the new version manually and install it over your existing TS3 client installation.


The server is a new build of the beta-30 PRERELEASE so for example hosting companies and sites like this one can prepare (script compatibility, etc.) to upcomming changes. That means the current stable server version is still beta-29.

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Release thread at the official forums (Client | Server)