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TeamSpeak 3 beta-35 client released

01. Nov 2010
TeamSpeak Systems released a few days ago a new TeamSpeak 3 Client version, its beta-35 with two pretty important bugs been fixed:
Fix 1
An issue where when using push to talk the "test voice" button would not work (your lamp stayed dark even when you pushed the button).
Fix 2
When opening the options dialogue and then hitting cancel all sound notifications were disabled. To undo this just go to Options > Notifications and change the "Sound Pack" to something else and back.

You might have noticed that the last release was called beta32, and now its beta35. The reason is: beta33 was never released in the "stable channel" but rather only made it into the "beta channel" of the auto updater. beta34 was skipped.

The auto updater of the TS3 client will automatically update the client or it will have done that already in many cases. If not you can of course download the new version manually and install it over your existing TS3 client installation.

Complete list of changes

=== Client Release 3.0.0-beta35 27 Oct 2010
* Automatically removing "mailto:" when copying an email address
* Adjusted tab focus behaviour of client main window for easier keyboard navigation using a screenreader.
+ Added Shift-Enter keyboard shortcut to focus the chat input line.
- Fixed appscanner no longer crashes the client when apps.ini is broken
- Fixed bbCode autotagging issues when channel description or chat text contains bbCode-tag
- Fixed avatar could be set on wrong tab
! beta34 skipped

=== Client Release 3.0.0-beta33 25 Oct 2010 (never released in stable branch)
* Added a bookmarks label character limit
+ Because of a hotkey search includes bookmarks and channels, it was rather slow on big servers. The search pattern now must have at least 3 characters.
+ Added Hotkey converter extension to fix a possible crash which can be caused by invalid or old hotkeys.
- Fixed requesting avatar with 2 connections and same identity
- Fixed Push-To-Talk hotkey in "Test Voice" and also "Delay releasing PTT"
- Fixed disabled sounds when optionspage was closed just with "Cancel"
- Fixed some issues when adding a push-to-talk key manually via hotkey setup but still using vad
- Server- and channelgroups can now be sorted by setting the new permission i_group_sort_id. If not set or set to zero, the group ID is considered for sorting.
- Support for new permission i_group_show_name_in_tree: Set to 1 to display the group name before the client name inside the tree. Set to 2 to display group name behing client name. Set to 0 to ignore (same as not set).
- Fixed expand/collapse indicator not showing when dragging folders in bookmarks manager.
- Fixed possible crash when deactivating the G15 plugin. Updated Logitech SDK to version 3.06. Users running Logitech 2.x drivers should update their G15 drivers.
- Fixed selecting first group when opening the permissions window

Release thread at the official forums