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TeamSpeak 3 beta-32 client released

13. Oct 2010
TeamSpeak Systems released a new TeamSpeak 3 Client version, its beta-32 as expected which includes a couple of fixes. "The most important fix is for a client crash on exit that occured when somebody had whispered to you while you were online. Also nice is the new add hotkey dialog layout, you can now actually find what you are looking for :-)" are their additional words to that release.

Small already known bug with PTT (Push To Talk)

"The PTT is working in the channels normally but not during testing (neither in the wizard nor in the options window)" does DragonFly says in the official forums. So dont let you confuse by that.

The auto updater of the TS3 client will automatically update the client or it will have done that already in many cases. If not you can of course download the new version manually and install it over your existing TS3 client installation.

Complete list of changes

=== Client Release 3.0.0-beta32 12 Oct 2010
* Hotkey dialog got an overhaul and available hotkeys are more categorized
* Changed that DEL key, when holding down in treeview is no longer autorepeated
if deleting a channel or kicking a client
* Respect our min/max size when creating or editing "Change Nickname" hotkey
+ Added that a whisper reply hotkey can be assigned in whisper list dialog
- Fixed some loading issue, when image will be renamed in filebrowser but used
in channel description
- Fixed moving files from one filebrowser to another, when both are from same
server and also same channel (means same file), then moving is prevented.
- Fixed showing error message when banned uid was not found by the server
- Fixed push-to-talk hotkey where PTT could be activated though VAD is chosen
- When switching chat tabs while writing a message, all used WYSIWYG textformat
options will be translated to bbCode
- Fixed a crash when hostmessage dialog was OK-clicked when server tab was
already closed
- Fixed deactivated buttons when filebrowser folder is empty
- Fixed client icon file not found errors after deleting an icon from offline
user which will occur when icon is no longer in cache. Requesting the icon is
now blocked until client reconnects.
- Fixed bbCode URLs in Hostmessage dialog again which was deactivated by work
on poke dialog context menu
- Fixed possible crash on exit when whisper history widget has been opened.
- Handle "database empty result set" server message when opening the servers
icon view dialog without any icons available.

Release thread at the official forums