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TeamSpeak 3 Server 3.0.0-beta30 PRERELEASE Available

08. Oct 2010
TeamSpeak Systems released a new beta for the TeamSpeak 3 server, its beta30. But this time the way it got released is different, they call it a PRERELEASE.
They say:
Note: This is a pre-release, meaning it has not passed the usual quality testing of a normal server release. We do NOT advise its use in production environments, please only use it to (a) preview and prepare for upcoming changes and (b) test and report flaws.

So for example hosting companies and sites like this one can prepare (script compatibility, etc.) to upcomming changes until this pre-release becomes a proper release as soon the next pre-release gets released. Thanks guys, makes life much easier because you dont have to react to possible problems within hours after a release. Great!

Beta30 comes with a exiting addition in the clientlist. They make it possible now to query the client_created and client_lastconnected times from the clientlist with the -times parameter. Excellent, it will be possible now again (as it was at TS2) to say how long a user is online for on a TeamSpeak 3 server. I will add this info as soon as possible to the Scanner, the User History and other places where it belongs to. Thanks guys, missed that information since the first release of TeamSpeak 3. Sure, it was possible to get this from the clientinfo if i remember correctly but it would be pain in the ass to query the clientinfo from every user from every server.

However, there is also a new experimental tcp stack. I dont know exactly what it is about but it could be a fix to problem where some queryclients do not disconnect from a server (a user reports that at the release thread of this server version). Somebody knows details?

They have of course again fixed numerous bugs which you can see at the full changelog below.

Complete list of changes

=== Server Release 3.0.0-beta30-pre ?? Oct 2010
! experimental new tcp stack
+ reduced CPU usage for large servers
+ ServerQuery: added server port to "whoami" output
+ ServerQuery: added client_created and client_lastconnected times to output
of "clientlist" when "-times" parameter is passed. Value is in seconds since
+ ServerQuery: added parent id to output of "channelinfo"
- fixed problem handling malformated client requests that could lead to the
server shutting down after logging a critical log message.
- fixed issue that lead to clients not being able to edit the slot count back to
the value that was set when they originally connected to the server
- fixed serversnapshotdeploy using wrong sql file on failure
- fixed issue with servernotifyregister not unregistering serverquery clients
on remote connection closed
- fixed bug with temporary channels not being deleted immediately when a
sub-channel was moved out of them and they so became empty
- fixed bug that lead to the output of the ServerQuery command "hostinfo" to
display wrong data in the bandwidth last minute and bandwidth last second

Release thread at the official forums