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Major TeamSpeak 3 update

03. Jun 2010

Client: beta21
Server: beta23

It has been quite silent around TeamSpeak 3 the last weeks but today TeamSpeak Systems brings us, 1.5 months after the last release, new beta┬┤s of their TeamSpeak 3 server and client with some long awaited features.

Version incompatibility
The new client is incompatible to the old server and the new server is incompatible to the old client. That means, everyone need to update their server and client.

Due to this incompatibility everyone is forced to upgrade. This should clean up the usage of old insecure versions. Excellent side effect of this new version.

Most important changes for the client

(quote from release thread)

  • The new client is only compatible with servers that are at least version beta23. The client will instantly disconnect from older servers.

  • We fixed multiple crashes, we are very interested in any crashes you might experience with the new client, please post any new crash-dumps to this thread

  • We renamed "Token" to "Privilege Key". We hope the new name will give new users a better mental image of what exactly this beast may be.

  • Some users had problems with the bandwidth requirements that TeamSpeak 3 demands (higher than in TeamSpeak 2), for these users we added the new delay parameter in the codec setup. It essentially allows you to reduce the bandwidth demands at the cost of the speed at which your transmissions are received. For example to have the same bandwidth usage as TeamSpeak 2 did you could go with (Speex 8kHz, Quality 7, Delay 100ms). The default value is a delay of 20ms which is the same behaviour as in previous TeamSpeak 3 releases.

  • The whisper system of TeamSpeak 3 was lacking the flexibility that was available in TeamSpeak 2, so we rewrote great parts of it. For example we had multiple request for a "Channel Commander" like whisper functionality, this is now possible: Simply create a new channel group (e.g. name it "Channel Commander"). Then go into the whisper list setup, and add a hot-key to whisper to this new channel group - that's all it needs.

  • From this release forward there will be two "branches" of releases from which you can chose: The default is the "stable" branch which only contains well tested versions. The alternative is the "beta" branch which will give you the newest cutting edge client releases that might not have been tested as much yet. To tell your updater to use releases from the beta branch you need to run the updater once, then edit the configuration file "update.ini" and add the following code into this file:

  • Linux users: Thanks to the folks at FMOD we now have native Pulse Audio support. Pulse Audio will be used automatically when available (and "Automatically Use Best" is chosen) or can be chosen explicitly from your playback and capture settings.

Important information regarding the server

(quote from release thread)
  • Important: To connect to a beta23 server you require a client that is version beta21 or higher.

  • Updating from previous beta versions: Since multiple new permissions were added (see below for details) we strongly recommend you make sure you have the i_group_auto_update_type permission set correctly before you update (especially for your query admin and server admin groups). For your convenience here the relevant section from our documentation:
    Auto-Updating Permissions
    Whenever the Permission System gets updated, the server will automatically try
    to assign the new permissions to your existing groups. To enable auto-updating,
    simply add a value for i_group_auto_update_type of the target group.
    The following values are available:

    Value 0: The group will be handled like 'Query Guest'
    Value 1: The group will be handled like 'Query Admin'
    Value 2: The group will be handled like 'Server Admin'
    Value 3: The group will be handled like 'Server Normal'
    Value 4: The group will be handled like 'Server Guest'
    Value 5: The group will be handled like 'Channel Admin'
    Value 6: The group will be handled like 'Channel Operator'
    Value 7: The group will be handled like 'Channel Voice'
    Value 8: The group will be handled like 'Channel Guest'

    As you can see, each of these values represents a group from the default
    permission set of the TeamSpeak 3 Server. For example, if the Permission System
    is updated with a new permission for Server Admins, all groups having their
    i_group_auto_update_type set to 2 will be updated automatically.

  • We renamed Token" to "Privilege Key". We hope the new name will give new users a better mental image of what exactly this beast may be.

  • We changed the way query groups are saved when assigned to regular clients. This was never something we recommended to do, but for those of you that did this you need to manually update your database to retain your query group status on your clients. See the changelog below for the details.

Check out the complete changelogs if you want to see in detail all changes to the server and client.

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