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TeamSpeak 3 Client Update (beta16)

24. Feb 2010
TeamSpeak Systems hat heute ein Update für den TeamSpeak 3 Client veröffentlicht. Er sollte sich automatisch aktualisieren sofern ihr bereits eine neuere Version habt (beta8 zum Beispiel). Dieses Update scheint primär ein Bugfix Release zu sein, das volle Changelog ist unterhalb.

Server Client beta16:

=== Client Release 3.0.0-beta16 - 24 Feb 2010
- Don't drag&drop a tree item on itself
+ Server groups will be updated on the fly
* Minimum updates for Server info is now every 5 seconds.
* Allow b_channel_join_ignore_password for server groups and global client
permissions only, others make no sense.
- Fixed possible endless loop when entering a password-protected channel with
b_channel_join_ignore_password set on the channel.
- Fixed edit-channel menuitem when calling from chat context menu.
- Removed confirm close server tab option from Applications page
- Fixed the missing context menus for channels in chatlog
+ New context menu to manage the server groups
* For Windows Vista + Win7, also load _vista.qss if it exists
* Added option to setup delayed PTT and whisperlist release in capture setup
page (by default enabled, 0.3 seconds delay)
- Fixed possible crash when opening the customize toolbar window.
- Fixed the Priority Speaker action state, reported by user in forum.
+ Client disconnects from all servers, when entering System standby state.
Reconnect on System resume can be disabled via options (Windows only).
- Fixed crash when a client was assigned to a channel group but it's icon
wasn't in the local cache.
- Fixed alternating row colors in default style when switching the skins.
- Fixed that clients can use "<>" in their nicknames again.
+ Added hotkey "Switch to Server"-tab. If multiple servertabs are open, it will
be tabbed forward through the servers. Without an opened tab, the hotkey does
- Fixed respecting the port in URL for host banner and channel description
* Hotkey "Connect to: Server (current tab)" will only be executed, when
current tab is disconnected. So it does no longer reconnect.
- Fixed that the hoster button jumps left, when master volume is hidden.
- Fixed bug enumerating the server groups in client info template.
- The toolbar now is limited to the width of the main window. Otherwise it
could get very large when customized with many actions and moved outside the
main window.
+ Some new values have been added to the templates.
+ Server groups are also shown in client info.
- Fixed 3D test sound, which shouldn't play without moving a client. This
includes a fix for looping the sound when closing the dialog.
+ The channel description images can be resized via channelinfo template to a
predefined maximum (see channelinfo.tpl).
+ The avatar can be resized via clientinfo template (see clientinfo.tpl).
- Fixed reloading hoster banners, when client has multiple connections to a
- Fixed the away status when switching back to online again.
- Fixed crash when opening the "Create Channel Dialog" via customized toolbar
and not connected to a server.
- Fixed "Mute/Unmute" client actions in customized toolbar which do no longer
toggle each other.
- Fixed "Request Talk power" and also "Cancel Request Talk Power" in customized
toolbar. They are always enabled but now act as intended.
- Fixed icon "cancel talk request" at own client in server tree.
- Fixed crash when clicking "Expand/Collapse All" via customized toolbar and
not connected to any server.
- Fixed crash when trying to ban clients via chat context menu and another user
was faster banning the same client.
+ Added dialog to clear local disk cache. See "Security" options page.
- Another fix to middle-clicking client to open connection info.
- Adjusted detection of email links. URLs with login names no longer take
precedence over email, except in the form of e.g. "[email protected]|ftp.foo.de"
- Adding grant permissions to i_group_icon_id will not open the group icon
dialog anymore.
* Made the group icon window a QDialog so it opens centered on its parent.
- Client makes use of i_group_max_icon_filesize before uploading the icon
- i_client_max_avatar_filesize value of -1 means unlimited file size.
- When adding bookmarks via menu or ts3server link, add the item as last
instead of after current item (usually 2nd when the bookmarks window was
closed, which was annoying)
- Handle error if avatar couldn't get deleted on the server.
- Fixed channel phonetic nickname not getting cleared when removing in the
channel edit dialog.
* Strip whitespaces from server label and address when adding to bookmarks
* Added unique identifiers to bookmark folders
- Reverted ServerQuery clear-highlight shortcut back to Escape, Backspace key
did not work properly.

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