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TeamSpeak 3 Client Update (beta16)

24. Feb 2010
TeamSpeak Systems released today an update for the TeamSpeak 3 client. It should auto-update itself if you have already a newer version (beta8 for example). Its seems this update is primary a bugfix release, the full changelog is below.

Server Client beta16:

=== Client Release 3.0.0-beta16 - 24 Feb 2010
- Don't drag&drop a tree item on itself
+ Server groups will be updated on the fly
* Minimum updates for Server info is now every 5 seconds.
* Allow b_channel_join_ignore_password for server groups and global client
permissions only, others make no sense.
- Fixed possible endless loop when entering a password-protected channel with
b_channel_join_ignore_password set on the channel.
- Fixed edit-channel menuitem when calling from chat context menu.
- Removed confirm close server tab option from Applications page
- Fixed the missing context menus for channels in chatlog
+ New context menu to manage the server groups
* For Windows Vista + Win7, also load _vista.qss if it exists
* Added option to setup delayed PTT and whisperlist release in capture setup
page (by default enabled, 0.3 seconds delay)
- Fixed possible crash when opening the customize toolbar window.
- Fixed the Priority Speaker action state, reported by user in forum.
+ Client disconnects from all servers, when entering System standby state.
Reconnect on System resume can be disabled via options (Windows only).
- Fixed crash when a client was assigned to a channel group but it's icon
wasn't in the local cache.
- Fixed alternating row colors in default style when switching the skins.
- Fixed that clients can use "<>" in their nicknames again.
+ Added hotkey "Switch to Server"-tab. If multiple servertabs are open, it will
be tabbed forward through the servers. Without an opened tab, the hotkey does
- Fixed respecting the port in URL for host banner and channel description
* Hotkey "Connect to: Server (current tab)" will only be executed, when
current tab is disconnected. So it does no longer reconnect.
- Fixed that the hoster button jumps left, when master volume is hidden.
- Fixed bug enumerating the server groups in client info template.
- The toolbar now is limited to the width of the main window. Otherwise it
could get very large when customized with many actions and moved outside the
main window.
+ Some new values have been added to the templates.
+ Server groups are also shown in client info.
- Fixed 3D test sound, which shouldn't play without moving a client. This
includes a fix for looping the sound when closing the dialog.
+ The channel description images can be resized via channelinfo template to a
predefined maximum (see channelinfo.tpl).
+ The avatar can be resized via clientinfo template (see clientinfo.tpl).
- Fixed reloading hoster banners, when client has multiple connections to a
- Fixed the away status when switching back to online again.
- Fixed crash when opening the "Create Channel Dialog" via customized toolbar
and not connected to a server.
- Fixed "Mute/Unmute" client actions in customized toolbar which do no longer
toggle each other.
- Fixed "Request Talk power" and also "Cancel Request Talk Power" in customized
toolbar. They are always enabled but now act as intended.
- Fixed icon "cancel talk request" at own client in server tree.
- Fixed crash when clicking "Expand/Collapse All" via customized toolbar and
not connected to any server.
- Fixed crash when trying to ban clients via chat context menu and another user
was faster banning the same client.
+ Added dialog to clear local disk cache. See "Security" options page.
- Another fix to middle-clicking client to open connection info.
- Adjusted detection of email links. URLs with login names no longer take
precedence over email, except in the form of e.g. "user@www|ftp.foo.de"
- Adding grant permissions to i_group_icon_id will not open the group icon
dialog anymore.
* Made the group icon window a QDialog so it opens centered on its parent.
- Client makes use of i_group_max_icon_filesize before uploading the icon
- i_client_max_avatar_filesize value of -1 means unlimited file size.
- When adding bookmarks via menu or ts3server link, add the item as last
instead of after current item (usually 2nd when the bookmarks window was
closed, which was annoying)
- Handle error if avatar couldn't get deleted on the server.
- Fixed channel phonetic nickname not getting cleared when removing in the
channel edit dialog.
* Strip whitespaces from server label and address when adding to bookmarks
* Added unique identifiers to bookmark folders
- Reverted ServerQuery clear-highlight shortcut back to Escape, Backspace key
did not work properly.

Release thread at the official forums