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Christmas is over and TS3 server beta10 is released

28. Dec 2009
TeamSpeak Systems führt die Veröffentlichung von Bugfix und Update Versionen fort. Heute ist die beta10 für den TeamSpeak3 Server erschienen. Diese Version scheint primär ein Bugfixing und eine Stabilitätssache zu sein. Hier ist das Changelog:

Server Changelog beta10:

- Fixed bug that could lead to the server sending UDP packets with the
network interface max capacity. Only systems with a instable system clock
were affected.
- Fixed a deadlock that could freeze the server so it no longer responded
- fixed PERMISSION_b_channel_delete_* behaviour
- prevent a memleak using pthread_create that could lead to a CRITICAL error
message when the filetransfer port was attacked by many thousand connections
+ text messages added to flood protection (small)
! clientdblist takes now optional parameters "start" and "duration"
default values are start=0, duration=25


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