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Christmas is over and TS3 server beta10 is released

28. Dec 2009
TeamSpeak Systems continues to provide an excellent flow of bugfixes and updates. Today beta10 of TeamSpeak 3 server has been released. It seems this one is primary a bugfix, stability thing. Here is the changelog:

Server Changelog beta10:

- Fixed bug that could lead to the server sending UDP packets with the
network interface max capacity. Only systems with a instable system clock
were affected.
- Fixed a deadlock that could freeze the server so it no longer responded
- fixed PERMISSION_b_channel_delete_* behaviour
- prevent a memleak using pthread_create that could lead to a CRITICAL error
message when the filetransfer port was attacked by many thousand connections
+ text messages added to flood protection (small)
! clientdblist takes now optional parameters "start" and "duration"
default values are start=0, duration=25


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