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GIGA Homepage Award 2007 Finale

30. Dec 2007
Please VOTE for TSViewer.com at GIGA Homepage Award FINALE

The site with most points will win it. You can vote every 2 hours. Please vote as often as you can.

TSViewer was successful at the third round (in June 2007) in the eSports & Clans category and has been placed through that triumph into the voting finals. This voting finals are now and go on from 21. December till 04. January 2008. The winners will be promoted at GIGA Gaming Television and get really cool prices. GIGA is a gaming television and is very popular here in Germany so this award is of course important for me.

There are many good sites people can vote for so this finale is be really hard.

Five points = HIGH
One Point = LOW

There are drop-down menus to choose the points from. 'Punkte' means 'Points'.
At the bottom you have to enter an letters code. This is to avoid cheating.

With your help TSViewer could make it. Please help and vote for TSViewer.com :-)

TSViewer made it. Thanks guys for voting! Iam very happy... thanks!!