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TSViewer Userbars!

08. Mar 2007
Well, the userbars did also not skip TSViewer. This extremely narrow format (350x19px) is often to be seen in discussion forums or internet portals. Mostly, they are representing people´s preferences and feelings of affiliation. What a great invention! The TSViewer userbar even has one more function: Information.

Besides the entry name of the registered TeamSpeak server, TSViewer userbar shows how many people are online on this server at the moment and gives a summary measure of the past 24 hours. Of course, there would also be an indication if the server is currently offline (which hopefully is not being the case very often ;-)).

The color is a modern grey/metallic which is marked with a so-called ´pixel character font´ which is very small but nevertheless easy to read. On the left side of TSViewer userbar, you even have the possibility to place an icon from one of the many registered games on TSViewer. I hope you´ll like them! You can find them next to the other dynamic signatures.

Do you have any ideas for further sizes of dynamic signatures on TSViewer which are not yet available but should be according to your opinion? Let me know about it, for example through comments section!

Examples showing the new userbar signatures

<<< UPDATE >>>
Ive added after your requests new games, they are:
- Armed Assasult
- EVE Online
- Lineage 2
- RagnaroK Online
- Raven Shield

Some people asked also for a much smaller size. Okay you want it smaller? You get it muuuch more smaller :)

Here we go, 150x19px, let me show some examples

This supersmall variant is outstanding suitable to be merged directly in an internetsite, for example in navigation somewhere.