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  • Sauron

    12.03.2007, 08:07:48
    Just one more thing. The new ultrasmall fits well into my menu on my homepage. But the height could be much more, since the height of a menu is not important. In my case it could well be 150x150. The one with 150x19px is perfect, but a 150x150 would be even better, with more info. Just an idea m8.
  • Sauron

    11.03.2007, 20:10:32
    Its perfect m8!!! Thx alot.
  • ginger|HFD
    High FiDelity

    10.03.2007, 21:52:35
    Okay its done :)

    150x19px ULTRA SMALL lol.. i need a magnifying glass to see it *jk*

    There is not much place to display the entry name. So i made this dynamic signature displaying the short entry name if the entry name is longer than 14 signs and the short entry name is available. If the short entry name is not available the entry name will be taken and just cutten after 14 signs.

    Here are some examples:

  • Sauron

    10.03.2007, 18:50:13
    Ginger. Thx alot m8... :) Keep up the good work!!!
  • ginger|HFD
    High FiDelity

    10.03.2007, 18:26:58

    @Zomekiller: Take just the one from Black Hawk Down.

    @The0 and Sauron: Yeah good idea. I will make one in 150x19px then. But its really VERY VERY small :)
  • Sauron

    10.03.2007, 17:49:51
    I would like some that is not so wide, so i can get it into menus on our site
  • The0
    Ricoune Team

    10.03.2007, 08:01:48
    The TSviewer userbar is a great idea.

    I would advise you to add a 150-pixels-large userbar as lot of clans (in France) use Nuked-klan CMS for their website : it is generally a banner followed by 3 colums. A 150-pixels-large TSviewer userbar would perfectly insert itself in the right of left column.
    Check out my clan website and you will see what I am talking about.
    Thanks a lot for you great job !

  • Zomekiller

    09.03.2007, 23:19:20
    can you add a delta force img too. and how a bout a dynamic display pic.
  • RaZieL
    Witness of Leather

    09.03.2007, 22:28:04
    Guys.... You are GREAT...

    UNLIMITED THANKS for the service you give to all players over the World.

    Best Regards,

    Witness of Leather - SWAT4 Clan TS_ Server
  • ginger|HFD
    High FiDelity

    09.03.2007, 15:42:52
    Lineage 2 and EVE Online are also done now. Check them out at Dynamic Signatures Center >>> Click here.