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Hardware Upgrade done

02. Mar 2007
The in January announced hardware upgrade is completed now for some weeks and already working. The hardware configuration can is worth to be seen. The first server is configured with a AMD Opteron 148 processor and delivers the site as well as the email traffic. The second server, a AMD Athlon 64 3700+ CPU configuration is positioned in a another computing centre and works on all MYSQL inquiries and also the global server scan.

The new server was started first with one “minimum” Linux installation. Then the MYSQL service was installed and the website was taken for a short time offline. Subsequently the data base was copied from the first server and immediately started at the new server. Then the global ccan was at the row. This one works only with the MYSQL database and your TeamSpeak servers so he was also taken to the new server. This worked also smoothly.

So now it is important for those among you, which have forwarded/unblocked my server IP to not block the TSViewer, to forward/unblock the IP from the new server because the global Scan works now from there. It is: (Attention, dont use it anymore, outdated)

Both servers work now for some weeks without any problems. All tasks at one time were for my first server too much work. He couldnt handle the this any longer. The current configuration is optimal and offers sufficient resources for the further TSViewer growth.

I wish you much fun with the strongly increased performance!

Mariusz "ginger" Bieniek