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Page relaunch

16. Apr 2016
Ok folks, its time for a news, the new page is online since two days now and most issues are fixed. In a nutshell: The new page version is here!

Changes in detail

  • Design Improvement

    better overview, shorter texts, nicer typography

  • mobile Design

    the page content matches the available screen width (Smartphones, Tablets and Desktop)

  • Web-App

    the page can be added on Smartphones as an Web-App. That means, the page will be placed as an icon in your launcher/homescreen and opened in a fullscreen mode (without the URL address bar). Add the page in your mobile browser to your homescreen via the browser (dots) menu

  • shorter loadtimes

    less HTML elements, shorter parameters, removed jQuery and replaced by native JavaScript

  • User History

    User can be filtered now by channels. There is also an 6 hours Timeline for every used channel

  • User Info

    shows an channel preview if an user is online. From here you can connect to the user, add him as a Buddy and get to the User Banners

  • User Banner

    they have now an better base design and you can colorize them yourself. There are a few color templates available as well

  • Viewer: shorter Loadtimes

    HTML reduced by approx. 50%, other CSS rules are now used. Please report any display errors on your sites..

  • Viewer: less TS3 server load/traffic

    if there are more then one requests/queries to an TS3 server at the same time, only one request will be executed, the other requests wait on the result

  • Viewer: refresh countdown & button

    a countdown shows how long it takes to the next TSViewer refresh. You can refresh the Viewer with this button after the countdown.

  • Viewer: hide empty channels

    a new options in the Viewer and Code Generator allows to see only channels with connected users. This gives a better overview and makes the Viewer shorter

  • Viewer: user tooltip

    an tooltip appears when hovering over an user with the mouse and shows connection times, the away message, a short User Banner and buttons to connect to the user as well as to add him as a Buddy

  • Viewer: Icon Sets

    three new Icon Sets are selectable in the Code Generator. It are the two TS3 Client Mono Iconsets and a slightly modified "Mono Colored" Iconset (it has differently colored channels to make out users between channels easier, this iconset is used on this site by default)

  • Buddies improved

    TS3 unique Identifiers are now used and the page is clearer

  • smarter Server & User search

    the search checks now your search input, does the correct search and routes you directly to your result if there is only one

  • less Ads

    the site was slightly overloaded with ads, this has been heavily reduced

  • Ad Blockers

    nicer alternative ads are display if it is detected, that the regular ads are blocked. Please nevertheless disable your adblocker

  • filterable Category- & Countrylists

    that way you can find server lists quicker

  • deactivatable user scan

    every server can now deactivate the uer scan. That way its still possible to use the Viewer, but there will be no User History, no User Info, User Banner, User Search available for this server

  • Server Blacklist

    for server admins that dont want their server to get registered on TSViewer.com. But its better you guys revoke the permissions that are required for a Viewer or other scripts and apps can still look into your servers

  • User OptOut

    Allows to go into the stealth mode. For all those who want to disable the TSViewer.com features for themself. The OptOut is accessible from the User Info.

  • removed TS2 features

    all TS2 Features has been removed to reduce the code base and because of that TS2 is not being used that much anymore. My excuse to everyone who is still using TS2. Please get yourself an standalone TS2 Viewer and get it running on your webspace