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TS3 Client 3.0.15 veröffentlicht

24. Jun 2014
TeamSpeak Systems hat mal wieder am TeamSpeak 3 Client geschraubt und Bugs gefixt sowie Verbesserungen am Updater und dem BBCode System vorgenommen .

Der Updater aktualisiert sich nun zuerst selbst und updated erst im Anschluß den TS3 Client, dies hat zahlreiche Vorteile, wie z.B. dass sie nun Änderungen am Updater viel einfacher und schneller vornehmen können.

Bugs im BBCode System haben Probleme verursacht gehabt wie, dass der Client hängen blieb, laggte oder der Chat auf andere Art blockiert wurde. Desweiteren wurden mehrere Bugs gefixt, die gültige BBCodes invalide machten.

Neu ist auch, dass man nun direkt in den Einstellungen des Clients in den Beta Update Kanal wechseln kann.

Vollständige Liste der Änderungen

TeamSpeak 3 - Client Changelog
Copyright TeamSpeak Systems GmbH
+ Added feature or noticeable improvement
- Bug fix or something removed
* Changed or Information
! Important - Take note!

Client Release 3.0.15 23 Jun 2014
+ Overhauled update system. General goals are to reduce download size and allow
the updater to update itself before updating the client.
+ Two-step update ensures that the updater can update itself before updating
the TeamSpeak client. This way we can deploy changes to the updater more
+ Updater copies itself to temp folder and then runs from there, thus we no
longer have issues with the updater not being able to update files because they
are currently used by the system.
+ Added binary patching to the updater for a faster and much smaller download
+ Compressed update files with lzma instead of gzip to further reduce size
+ Added update channel selection to Options dialog (Applications page) to make
it easier to switch to beta channel. No more update.ini editing required.
+ URLs will now be written into their own database named urls.db. The old urls.dat
will be converted and deleted. If the converter finds a broken url in the
urls.dat, the file will be discarded and a clean database will be created.
* Simplified Updater UI, removed some useless functions (Start/Changelog)
* Updated bundled Overwolf installer
* Multiple fixes and improvements to bbCode parser from 3.0.14.
* Updated openssl to 1.0.1h
- Removed pluginsdk.zip from installer and updater. It is available again from
our downloads page (http://teamspeak.com?page=downloads).
- Removed mirrors.ini, mirrors are no longer being used.
- Fixed broken date and time displays (bans, temp passwords, messages, logs
etc). This was an oversight when switching from Qt 4 to 5.
- Fixed currently typing pen in chat not showing to other users.
- Fixed delay after applying changes in some pages of the Options dialog,
especially noticeable in Applications page.
- Fixed adding bans not working with some Unicode characters in nicknames.
- Fixed some tooltips which changed with Qt5.
- Fixed temporary passwords table header which broke with Qt5.
- Fixed disabling max user spinboxes in channel edit dialog.
- Fixed icon scaling when loading from folder.
- Removed icon when moving a spacer.
- The profile and whisperlist name is now limited to 60 characters.
- Fixed an icon in filebrowser.
- Fixed website invitation for OSX.
- Fixed ts3link if a file or a folder name contains whitespace.
- Fixed client freeze and lag when loading chat history.
- Fixed permission table header which broke with Qt5.
- Fixed package installer which broke with Qt5.
- Fixed timestamp field in chat. Some digits were interpreted wrong.
- Fixed package installer. Some addons could not be uncompressed.
- Fixed quotation marks surrounding news ticker in updater on Linux and OS X

Zum Aktualisieren benutzt einfach den Updater im TeamSpeak Client oder ladet euch die neue Version auf TeamSpeak.com

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