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NEWS #49
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  • ginger|HFD
    High FiDelity

    26.06.2007, 15:02:28

    yeah this will come. I think 1 week and 1 month will it be.

    @Neo-Fish: Just copy the image link and put it on your site.

  • Neo-Fish
    *TNT* TriNitroToluène

    26.06.2007, 14:14:10
    Very nice :)

    How can i put it on my website ?
  • Rain

    26.06.2007, 09:49:47
    this is a very nice feature so far... i wish it would go a little longer than only 24 hours, i think a month would be great, than you can see how many you actaly have on the server to see if it needs to be smaller or bigger

    keep up the nice work fellas ;)
  • [OOG]Fighter

    26.06.2007, 05:43:36
    Sehr gute Idee von Dir, finde den Graphen sehr aufschlussreich.

    Werd ihn wohl nicht auf der HP verbauen, aber werde die Auslastung unseres TS-Servers damit mal "überwachen".

    Bin ein Freund von solchen Dingen. :D
  • ginger|HFD
    High FiDelity

    26.06.2007, 04:56:21
    What do you think about it? Please leave a comment.

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