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  • snilloconator

    17.02.2008, 20:18:03
    would love to implement this on to our site!!! Very nice!
  • Rain

    04.09.2007, 00:57:51
    what would be cool is an all time online record, or maybe a graph shouwing days not hours for like a month of server usage?
  • OnkelBazi

    20.07.2007, 01:14:10
    Ich finds für ne Super Idee....werde es nicht auf die Haupt Hp einbauen aber damit kan ich es natürlich gut überwachen
  • Rain

    28.06.2007, 07:34:32
    oh ok thats sweet... cant wait :-)

    @Neo-Fish: Im sure if you use html in your site it will work, use the standard
  • Nex81

    26.06.2007, 21:30:34
    Sehr coole idee doch fallen die banner recht groß aus.. ein paar mehr versionen in verschiedenen größen für die zukunft wären idial :)
  • ginger|HFD
    High FiDelity

    26.06.2007, 18:56:48
    @Neo-Fish: It depends on your sites content management system (CMS) how you have to get pictures be shown. You need to figure this out yourself. Check the forums from the developer of your CMS also.

    @Vito: I will come :-)

    @Rain: Yeah sure. There will be all three graphs available simultaneous. You will not to have to choose what graph you want.
  • Rain

    26.06.2007, 16:57:13
    it will be able to choose what we want? like either one week or one month? that may be nice for some who dont want the full month...
  • Vito

    26.06.2007, 16:03:52
    This is a great feature to have at this time for our clan. We just dropped our dedicated box that was running TS and switched over to a monthly room. Once you get the monthly+ data it will be useful.

    As you said, I would like to regulate our $$$ spending on TS and this wlil let me know how many slots I need or not.

  • MoD1210

    26.06.2007, 15:30:20
    Gute Sache , denke da durch kann man den ts server sehr gut überwachen. THX an das TEAM von TSViewer, weiter so :) !
  • Neo-Fish
    *TNT* TriNitroToluène

    26.06.2007, 15:21:11
    It don't work when i put the image link like that !

    I have an error with no image file found :s

    i put a code like a image like that: *edit by admin: to big image*

    But don't work , can you help me ?