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NEWS #46
  • Zizanzu

    15.05.2007, 16:16:15
    Problems with Registering

    These ip/port combination \" 8767\" with the query port \"51234\" couldnt be scanned. Ask your Serverprovider for the correct query port. You will find more information about this in the FAQ. You should try the demand scan before you try to register the server. So you can be sure to have the right query port and you are sure about that the serverquery is working properly with your server.

    We have one dynamic ip too but thats not work

  • ginger|HFD
    High FiDelity

    04.03.2007, 15:45:00
    @bulldogx: Please contact Curtis Brown. I dont have made this tsviewer u are using. You should also check your query port. Maybe its blocked.
  • bulldogx

    04.03.2007, 02:42:21
    Im having the same problem it shows active here i can get it to work when i copy the file from this site but if i use the php file it doesnt work. I have friend that do it the same way and it works fine for them. here is an example of how it is .

  • Grimm

    04.03.2007, 00:52:56
    gute Wahl ,haben wir auch am laufen :-)
  • Avalon

    03.03.2007, 21:13:02
    Good job, man, and thanks for your work !
  • ginger|HFD
    High FiDelity

    03.03.2007, 18:59:29
    Thats not live. You need to include with php my tsviewer or you need to show it with the ifame. Go to your code generator and generate there your code.
  • Cyrus

    03.03.2007, 18:26:36
    My server does not update.. it does here on the site but not on my site.. :( anyone have any clue?

    check it out here.. www.johanmansson.org/johan/
  • copulador

    03.03.2007, 16:45:33
    thanks for your effords and info

  • ginger|HFD
    High FiDelity

    03.03.2007, 12:31:01
    Feel free to comment this news about the Hardware Upgrade. You are welcome ;-)

    Mariusz "ginger" Bieniek