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  • M4CCY

    09.11.2006, 15:57:39
    its good to see new ideas ginger, i am a webmaster too, but im happy with your ts viewer allready. this pic that someone mentioned, may not be a good idea, as the viewer is small, if i have a banner in my teamspeak, it would be interesting to see it on viewer, but its not really necessary. however if that feature did arrive, i would use it, and i have other friends and webmasters who would also use it. thanks for the notification, i think you do a great job at ts viewer.com and the ts viewer tool is fabulous allready, any extra features are a bonus. : )
  • ginger|HFD
    High FiDelity

    09.11.2006, 14:55:05
    @SnipeKill: At the code generator. You have to generate your code new.

    Danke Leute :)
  • Mid Night

    09.11.2006, 14:45:12
    Super !!!!!!!!!

    Geile Sache, echt gute arbeit, danke !!!!
  • WinniePoohBerlin
    Horde Elite Force Germany

    09.11.2006, 14:28:26
    Nice Option brauche ichleider nicht aber für leute die mit html arbeiten nicht verkehrt, nur zu empfehlen.


    MFG WinniePoohBerlinwww.WinniePoohBerlin.de.tt
  • SnipeKill
    Rebelforce Clan

    09.11.2006, 13:36:46
    I like this but how o where can i add this to my ts viewer?
  • ginger|HFD
    High FiDelity

    09.11.2006, 12:15:57
    Thanks Valhalla!
    What do you mean with this picture. How big? Where located in this small tsviewer exactly?

    09.11.2006, 11:58:38
    hi ginger!
    it looks great and we will use it , i have a little idea/suggestion: is it possible to add a picture/logo in the right side of teamspeak? that would be awesome.
  • ginger|HFD
    High FiDelity

    09.11.2006, 11:02:28
    Oh your right DaSivla. I will add it. Thanks Dam'S!
  • DaSilva

    09.11.2006, 10:18:09
    Iam missing a line for the server IP...
  • Dam'S

    09.11.2006, 09:56:08
    I like this new fonction but I will not use it because I needn't it.

    bonne continuation !!! it's a french's message lol