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TSViewer - New Features

08. Nov 2006
Hello dear TeamSpeakViewer friends,

this renewal is probably very interesting for the Web masters among you. I were often in asked if it would be possible to show only the persons on a server without Channels and whether it would be possible to show a few server informations or only these at all. This is now possible in all combinations.

There are now 6 different variations:
- with Channels and Users
- with Channels, Users and Server Informations
- with Users and Server Informations
- only with Users
- only with Server Information s
- without everything

At the right side you can see this in the animation. To show only channels without users in it isnt possible by the way… this would be very stupid dont you think? : -) I wish you much fun with this feature.

Mariusz aka ginger|HFD