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NEWS #123
  • 3rKaN_BRATTE

    06.05.2015, 14:28:51
    Schaut auf unserem ts vorbei! Jeder ist Willkommen hauptsächlich CS:GO/LOL (botz-hosting.tk:10096)
  • Francesco
    Just Another Day

    19.04.2015, 17:27:41
    Hi, I'm Francesco and I write u because of I've a problem with ts viewer code on my website page. When I Attached your ts viewer code on my dedicated page, i don't see it. Why? (http://www.justanotherday.it/?page_id=311)
    Thanks a lot, Francesco
  • DJ Mario

    16.04.2015, 17:08:04

    kann ich bei mein ts ein willkommsens nachricht sprechen so das mir der user hören kann??

    mfg.DJ Mario
  • Michael
    TS3-Party.de Public TS3 Server

    19.03.2015, 22:36:44
    Ein neues Updatet muss gemacht werden das ist schon zu alt mit neuster Version gleich am besten! Neues Design...
  • Trunkz Jr

    20.01.2015, 15:26:03
    Do you plan to have [cspacers] displaying correctly at some point in time like they do on enjin websites?
  • Frank

    17.01.2015, 18:52:40
    Any news regarding https-support?
  • Bob

    17.12.2014, 12:58:22
    Frank (Post 18): "Great tool, but is there any way of loading it from a SSL (https) - site? Chrome won't load insecure content!"

    Please, distribute tsviewer over https, too.

    Proposal: Marking HTTP As Non-Secure
  • Hans

    11.12.2014, 09:29:37

    Gibt es schon eine Möglichkeit alles Icons auszublenden ?

  • Frank

    08.12.2014, 17:12:49
    Great tool, but is there any way of loading it from a SSL (https) - site? Chrome won't load insecure content!
  • Phil
    UK 111

    06.11.2014, 22:28:21
    The viewer is working but there is massive space between the channel for no apparent reason. It was perfectly fine until the updated code was added to the Joomla installation we are running for our main website. Any help would be awesome thank you!