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The Celtic Alliance is seeking new members and is looking for you!

We are a European based clan playing Arma 3 and we are looking for players.

We offer:

- A relaxed group of people.
- Our own website: http://celticalliance.clanservers.com.
- Our own TeamSpeak 3 server: eurots10.gameservers.com:9154. No password required.
- Two Arma 3 servers, a public server and a private training server.
- Weekly game nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
- Basic Training.
- Weekly Operations. Once a week on Saturday evenings.
- Voluntary weekly training sessions. Once a week on Sunday evenings.
- Personal uniforms with awards, medals and ribbons.

We seek:

- Clean players. No hackers, cheaters or exploiters!
- Friendly players. No attitudes, arrogance or similar behaviour.
- Involvement when needed. Think of active forum usage, providing feedback etc.
- Players able to commit themselves to rules and procedures.

Other requirements:

- You are at least 18 years of age.
- You have a working microphone.
- You have Teamspeak 3 installed.
- You are able to speak English. We understand if English is not your primary language and encourage best-effort attempts at posting and speaking in English.

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