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The 2nd Marine Raider Battalion specializes in small team operations, conducting Unconventional Warfare, Special Reconnaissance and Direct Action Operations. Our primary focus is to keep cohesion on the battlefield while building a strong family relationship with our members off the field. This is important as in a small team environment conflicts between members affects performance in operations, and can prevent a successful mission completion.

Upon joining our unit you begin our Individual Training Course as a candidate. After completion, you are assigned to an element within our Marine Special Operations Team where you will conduct operations and training with the unit.

To help build cohesion and efficiency with you and your team members we host operations Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2000 Eastern Time to build your skills, while providing a fun activity to do throughout the week. We push to create immersive special operation experience with high fidelity operations with risk and outcomes that affect our deployments.

The 2nd Marine Raider Battalion expects its members to keep a level of professionalism and respect while in operations, we understand Arma 3 is still a game and that we are all here to have fun, but we are a military simulations unit that simulates a Special Operations unit. We do this by finding the correct balance between fun and realism, while providing a great experience for our members.

MARSOC, "Always Faithful, Always Forward"

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