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42nd Infantry Brigade
42nd IB

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The 42nd Infantry Brigade is a Milsim unit for ArmA 3, who strive create a realistic and immersive environment, by implementing real life structure and training of the British Army. The 42nd Infantry Brigade consists of the 2nd Battalion the Mercians as our main infantry battalion whilst we have organized supporting assets within the 42nd Infantry Brigade including the 1st Queens Dragoons, the 521 Troop RLC (EOD) and the 901 expeditionary air wing.

The 42nd Infantry Brigade strive for a realistic/milsim environment, without all the unnecessary realism that many find a burden e.g “Yes sir”. The 42nd Infantry Brigade has a Phase 1 and Phase 2 training, our training being taught by our dedicated ITC Instructors. We also have a PNCO cadre, for those willing to become NCO's in our unit, which is required to become an IC or a 2nd IC in a section. We have ownership of a forum, a Teamspeak server and an ArmA 3 dedicated server, as well as being firmly organized. We are currently on a recruitment drive and are looking for members to expand the 42nd Infantry Brigade and aiming to fill up 1 Platoon of A Coy Mercians, as well as our other supporting assets.

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