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There are 10 simple rules on the server you need to follow!
1. Do not shout in the public channels! (Only public)
2. Obey and respect the admins! (Everyone)
3. Do not spam the text chat! (Everyone)
4. DonĀ“t spam change room! ex: you change between public 1 and 2 within a short time. (Only public)
5. Do not spam poke on someone! (Everyone)
6. Do not spam join and leave the server! (Everyone)
7. Do not use voice changer in publicrooms! (Only public)
8. Save your Teamspeak ID! We will not give back your rank!
9. No ads in your nickname
10. Have fun!

We do not take care of the private channels, the channeladmin in the room is the one that set the rules for his/her room.

If no admin is online, make a complain on the rulebreaker and we will fix it when we come online
If someone spampoke, you take a screenshot and send it to an admin.
If someone harassment, you in the textchat take a screenshot and send it to an admin.

Remember to save your teamspeak identity if you uninstalling teamspeak and want your rank and rooms back.

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