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TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.0.0-rc1-pre7 available for testing

17. Jan 2011
Happy new year everyone, its been a while since the last news so lets get going again. TeamSpeak released a few days ago a pre release for the TeamSpeak 3 client.

Why the name rc1? Why a -pre release?

The next client release will be called "TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.0.0-rc1" (short for "release candidate one") and it will contain all the features TeamSpeak Systems planned to have ready for a stable 3.0.0 release.

Lots of changes have queued up that have not been tested enough to allow them to flat out release rc1 right away - this is where this rc1-pre version comes in. They do ask anybody to test it and to provide feedback in the thread in the official forums (linked below).

Important changes

- Sound system completely rewritten, FMOD library not used anymore, own custom code in use now. This allowed TeamSpeak Systems to improve latency and add features like better recording, echo cancellation and more control over the sound system for plugins. Currently this is only active on windows.
- A New Sound-pack is used (still a couple of sounds missing, see below).
- The "Easy Permission" dialogue was added to easily setup your permissions.
For more changes, view the changelog.

How to get it

- Go to where you installed TeamSpeak. There should be (among other things) a executable called "update"
- In this folder create or edit the file called "update.ini", after you are done with it the contents should be:
- Save the file, start TeamSpeak and go to Help -> Check for Update, it should report a new version available.

Known Issues (on their TODO already)
- On Windows XP sound sometimes stutters when minimizing or maximizing windows.
- Not all sounds for the new sound-pack are included yet (e.g. you have been poked).
- The new (NOFMOD) sound system is not yet present for linux and mac.
- If you are trying to build plugins with the new version you need to define "NOFMOD" and also use a "special" API version (see example code for detail).

Update of 18th January (pre2 released)

Important changes

- More fixes for sound stuttering on windows xp
- Fixed a memory leak
- Added two new callbacks requested by client plug-in sdk users

Update of 19th January (pre3 released)

Important changes

- Fixed memory leak when echo cancellation was enabled
- Fixed unfunctional client plugin sdk callback

Known Issue:
When using the easy permission system on very big servers the server will become laggy while the permissions are applied - up to the point where clients drop. The next server release will fix these problems.

Second Update of 19th January (pre5 released)

Important changes

! skipped -pre4
- Adaptive handling of buffer sizes for DirectSound Mode. This should further reduce audio glitches on busy machines while keeping latency as good as possible.
- Fixed bad apply/discard check on Options Download page, which always reported to have changed with an empty configuration file
- multiple "easy permissions" dialogue improvements

Known Issues:
- Some wave files of alternative sound packs do not play correctly
- Applying easy permissions can cause the server to lag shortly on huge servers. Will be fixed by the next server release.

Update of 20th January (pre6 released)

Important changes

It mainly fixes one really bad bug in the direct sound backend that was causing assertions and possibly crashes.

Known Issues:
- same as for pre5

Update of 24th January (pre7 released)

Important changes

- Multiple Sound Playback on DirectSound fixes
- Wave file playback should be tolerant with regards to different formats of wave files
- Easy permission dialogue tweaks
- Channel Edit/Create reworked

Release Thread at the official forums