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pHOSTyx sponsors TSViewer

10. Dec 2010
TSViewer is now sponsored by pHOSTyx

pHOSTyx has been on the market since 2004 and is one of the biggest TeamSpeak Hosting companies of Europe. They put their focus on high quality, good support and a high customer satisfaction and should be known for exactly that. Their prices are midrange, and they say "... the product must simply be right, problems must receive the correct support, and for a moderate price". 

And so their motto: Anyone can do "cheap" these days. We deliver performance. Rely on our professional personnel.

pHOSTyx takes pride in their honest prices, and unlike many other companies, they offer a wide range of payment options to make payment quick, easy, and simple. They accept wire transfers, PayPal, telephone payment, PaySafeCard, Sofort-Ɯberweisung.de, Debit cards, Visa & MasterCard, Diners Club and American Express.

Alongside the regular products I find the PrePaid-Server interesting. You choose the slot number, enter your email address and pay through a quick payment method and receive your new server instantly. The minimum term is 24 hours,perfect if you only need one day's use. If you don't wish to keep your server any longer, you don't pay. Simple as that. Another good thing about pHOSTyx servers is the fact that anyone can contribute a payment to the server, or pay for it's upkeep. This is really useful for large groups who want to share costs, and saves the hassle of having to pay as the account holder. A great idea for clans and large groups, as well as for short term users, or those who simply wish to try out the services.

In addition to the TeamSpeak hosting business, pHOSTyx offers B2B services (PHOBYX). Enterprise-class hosting is one of their primary services, for example, TeamSpeak Systems itself is a client of pHOSTyx, who host TeamSpeak.com and other related services with them. Load-Balancing, cluster and housing are no foreign words there. Professional software and hardware development are additional fields of business.

All this in a very experienced partner who can excel through their products. We are pleased to have joined together with this well known German TeamSpeak hosting company (Thanks ScP :-)) and are looking confidently into the future.