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TeamSpeak 3 beta-29 server released

29. Sep 2010
TeamSpeak Systems released today as announced a few days ago the new TeamSpeak 3 server version beta-29.

They mention a few things that are of importance

  • Client version beta30 or higher is required to connect to the new server. As client beta30 was released 8 days ago users should have had ample time to upgrade by now.

  • Encryption of voice packets (that was previously always on) is now a configurable option and is off by default. Disabling encryption is especially useful for big servers as it cuts down on CPU usage. Voice data encryption is configurable on a server basis or on a per channel basis

  • The ServerQuery interface now sends a "welcome message" upon connect. The change is minor, but some ServerQuery scripts out there might be confused by this.

  • removed i_client_kick_power permission and replaced it with i_client_kick_from_channel_power and i_client_kick_from_server_power.

Complete list of changes

=== Server Release 3.0.0-beta29 29 Sep 2010
! Voice packets are now not transfered encrypted by default. Added options to
configure this behavior on virtual server or per channel level. Clients of
versions beta29 and earlier will not be able to communicate with new clients.
! removed permission i_client_kick_power and i_client_needed_kick_power
! certain log messages, like query and accounting wont go anymore
to the database
! serverquery sends between the ts3 prompt also a new welcome message
! token functions renamed to privilegekey (privilegekeyadd, privilegekeydelete, privilegekeyuse, privilegekeylist)
old function names are still working but will be removed.
+ added permissions i_client_kick_from_server_power, i_client_needed_kick_from_server_power
i_client_kick__from_channel_power, i_client_needed_kick_from_channel_power
+ added permissions b_channel_modify_make_codec_encrypted, b_virtualserver_modify_codec_encryption_mode
+ client kick from channel wont check for i_client_needed_move_power / i_client_move_power
- fixed clientIDCache issues
- property "instance_uptime" is now in seconds since 1970
- fixed removing an offline client from channelgroup wont be logged
- fixed issues with serversnapshotdeploy and using invalid filepaths
- fixed issues with serversnapshotdeploy and writing zero database entries
- fixed issues with serversnapshotdeploy where a failed deploy left invalid
- fixed users are shown in weblist, even when a server with reserved slots is empty

Release thread at the official forums