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TeamSpeak 3 beta-30 client released

23. Sep 2010
TeamSpeak Systems released released a new TeamSpeak 3 Client version, its beta-30 this time.

They say,
It comes with a couple of bug fixes. The most notable bug fix was a bug that was introduced with beta-29 - it caused the TS3 Client to not find any icons when launched via "ts3server://" links. Also this client is prepared for the upcoming beta-29 server release in supporting both encrypted and unencrypted voice data transmissions.

This bug was also reported at the TSViewer.com forums by an user (thank you!), the error message was this and all icons were missing inside of the client.

The auto updater of the TS3 client will automatically update the client or it will have done that already in many cases. If not you can download of course the new version manually and install it over your existing TS3 client installation.

Complete list of changes

+ Support sending and receiving unencrypted voice data. Added options to the
create/edit channel dialog and to the virtual server edit dialog where this
behavior can be configured. Only available on server beta29 and higher.
+ Support for ts3server:// on Mac OS X
* Changed keyboard shortcut for webserverlist from Ctr+W to Ctrl+Alt+S, as
Ctrl+W can collide with the standard window close shortcut.
* Changed the behavior of user context menu in poke dialog
* Permissions tree now includes permissions with grant power only when the
"Show granted only" checkbox is enabled.
- Fixed edit box for clientname could be larger than predefined
- Fixed possible crash when server stops and permissions window is open.
Permissions subdialogs (add/delete/copy group) are now non-modal.
- Identities were trimmed on load
- Renaming in treeview will no longer be interrupted when poke dialog or new
message tab opens
- Connect hotkey now only works if disconnected or previous connection has
completed to avoid starting multiple connection attempts at the same time.
- Adjusted path to clientquery docs on Mac OS X.
- Fixed logging capture- and playback device name.
- Fixed plugin loading when pathname contains non-standard characters.
- Revertes changed to application path detection in beta29, so starting the
client from a webbrowser via ts3server:// link works again properly.
- Rename also the existing "ConnectTo" hotkeys when bookmark was renamed
- Fixed offline message cache which could return wrong messages
- Fixed size of host message dialog if it is a short message
- Removed check for i_ft_file_browse_power when opening the filebrowser
window, as this check is inaccurate as the value for i_ft_needed_file_
browse_power is unknown to the client.
- Fixed plugin dialog displaying wrong information for unloaded (wrong API
version etc.) plugins.

Release thread at the official forums