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Ausfall / Downtime

04. Aug 2010
TSViewer.com had today evening a downtime of 1.5 hours (22:30 - 00:00 GMT +1). We know, downtimes are bad because they slow down your site rendering so we do everything we can to prevent them and to keep them as short as possible if they happen. Today there wasnt much we could do.

The server hosting company, Serverloft, had a problem in their datacenter, a defect switchport as they told us. They found the problem fast and exchanged the defect part. TSViewer is now accesible again and works as expected. We want to apologise for this downtime and wish you a good day.

By the way, new TeamSpeak 3 client and server beta┬┤s has been released!
Check them out, there are some interesting fixes and additions (very long changelog for the client!). A news for this on TSViewer.com will follow shortly.