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TS 3 Server Security Update

18. Jun 2010

Client: beta22
Server: beta25

TeamSpeak Systems has released an important Server update that fixes a recently discovered security and crash exploit. Please upgrade your servers or let your hosting company upgrade your server to beta25 as soon as possible.

Official information from TeamSpeak Systems
It was recently brought to our attention that a critical bug in TeamSpeak 3 Server Beta23 or earlier may allow a malicious user to execute server admin commands without having admin privileges as well as cause server instabilities. These security issues were addressed immediately after we received knowledge of the exploit and a new Server Beta25 build has now been released.

They wanted to release the beta25 of the server later, for example as soon the Channel Commander functionality is ready. But they had to release this build now earlier and thats why there are lines in the changelog that refer to the comming Channel Commander functionality.

They have also released a new client version a few days ago (beta22) that should be already running on your system because of the automatic update function of the client. The changelog of this client update is also inside the changelogs part of this news.

Check out the complete changelogs if you want to see in detail all changes to the server and client.

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