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TeamSpeak 3 Updates again

08. Feb 2010
Client beta15 | Server beta18
Hardly a week goes by without updates for TeamSpeak 3. Today it was time again. The client should auto-update itself if you have already a newer version (beta8 for example) and for the server update its as always higly recommended to install it as soon as possible. The changelog and the downloads are further below.

Important for server admins which use TSViewer.com

Since server beta15 there are new anti flood settings. The TSViewer needs to send for example 7 commands (number of commands varies) to your server to get the needed informations. TSViewer.com queries could get blocked.

Place the TSViewer.com server IP into the query_ip_whitelist.txt file inside of your server directory. Restart the whole TeamSpeak 3 server instance afterwards or wait 5 minutes if you have a beta16 server or higher (since beta16 the server gets IP´s from this file every 5 minutes). If you dont have access to this kind of settings contact your TeamSpeak 3 hosting company to do that for you.

Linux server users take note

The way the server starts has been changed with beta17. If you have skipped beta17, note the hint from the previous news.

View Changelogs

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