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TeamSpeak 3 PHP Framework by ScP

30. Dec 2009
TSViewer.com is now powered by the TeamSpeak 3 PHP Framework (Docs > Demo), the brand new and highly object oriented and comfortable PHP Framework, from ScP the maker of countless high quality tools and scripts for TeamSpeak 2 as well as the developer community plattform planetTeamSpeak.com.

At the moment its like TeamSpeak 3 running as a beta test at TSViewer.com to find and fix quickly bugs with 2500 at the moment registered TeamSpeak 3 servers. New features are now available inside of the TSViewer tree, but its still not feature complete. Stay tuned and check out the TeamSpeak 3 PHP Framework thread on a daily basis and get your hands on as soon its released.

You will be suprised about the possibilities it will offer you. But, please keep in mind, its not a ready2use webinterface, etc. Its a Framework to realize quickly your own stable and safe TeamSpeak 3 scripts without to get deep into the world of the TeamSpeak 3 query interface.

TSViewer.com is for TS3 also at a beta stage. Some features arent complete yet but are currently in developement and will be made in the near future. Almost every day there are updates, fixes and additions made available. Follow the news and/or this thread to stay tuned.

I wish you and your family a happy new year 2010. Have a good time and lets see us back in 2010. Special thanks are going to my girlfriend, ScP, Linuz, TeamSpeak Systems and Triton.

Support and development is very limited during the next 2 - 3 days.

See ya.

The code generator offers now a beta of asynchronous TSViewer integration for TeamSpeak 3. Check it out!