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TS3 beta8 & 9 (server) and beta7 (client) released

25. Dec 2009
Despite christmas the TeamSpeak Systems team has released again new client and server versions. The client for example has a bugfix for the"empty serverquery tree items" problems. Very good. That one crashed my client at beta6. Download and full changelogs are below.

Server Changelog beta9:

=== Server Release 3.0.0-beta9 26 Dec 2009
- prevent denial of service on filetransfer port, that could also cause ASSERT failures

Server Changelog beta8:

=== Server Release 3.0.0-beta8 25 Dec 2009
- fixed possible crash while unregistering a query client
- fixed possible case where clients got deleted from wrong groups
+ added CLIENT_VERSION, CLIENT_PLATFORM to clientlist (new parameter -info)
+ added VIRTUALSERVER_UNIQUE_IDENTIFIER to serverlist (new parameter -uid)
! VIRTUALSERVER_HOSTBANNER_GFX_INTERVAL dont accepts values between 1-59

Client Changelog beta7:

=== Client Release 3.0.0-beta7 - 25 Dec 2009 ===
* In the virtualserver edit dialog, show a warning when selecting a permanent
server or channel group as default, as this will remove all users from the
- Fixed bug with empty serverquery tree items
* Support PHP banner URLs like for example:
- Fixed warn-while-muted setting not loading from config on application start
- Disable autoreconnect on invalid password error to avoid ending in an
infinite reconnect loop
- ServerQuery can no longer take over a chattab, when clientID of the queryclient
matches the clientID of a recently gone chatpartner. (wip!)
- Fixed bad mirrors.ini


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