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TS 3 Update party continues - beta6

23. Dec 2009
You thought your client and server is up2date because you just updated? Wrong, TeamSpeak Sytems released right now again new version for the Client and the Server. This time its beta6 and the server update is marked as CRITICAL. Seems the "my-server-does-crash-when-tsviewer-queries-it" is finally gone. Very nice! TeamSpeak Systems stated it as "fixed tcp flooding bug".

At the client update there are again many fixes, one important for me for example is "Middle mouse button didn't work with bookmark submenus". Hell yeah, thanks for the update guys! Now i can open my favorties with middle mouse button to get them in a new tab. Great. Check out the changelogs below to see all changes.

Update, hmmm

After updating the client i still cant open my favorites with the middle mouse button in new tabs. Can you guys? Iam on Windows 7 - 64 bit client.

Server Changelog beta6:

=== Server Release 3.0.0-beta6 23 Dec 2009
- fixed PERMISSION_i_client_needed_move_power not taking all aspects into account
- fixed PERMISSION_b_channel_modify_sortorder not used
- fixed tcp flooding bug
+ dont print company name for none profit licenses to logfile
+ added crashdump support for win32/win64

Client Changelog beta6:

=== Client Release 3.0.0-beta6 - 23 Dec 2009 ===
- Mac: Fixed path to 3d_test.wav
* Client no longer ignores i_client_serverquery_view_power permission.
* TokenManager: Add Token ComboBoxes now preselect the default groups
* Updated German translation
- Prevent enabling VAD/continuous transmission via options dialog when
force-push-to-talk permission is set
* Dont raise TS3 windows except filebrowser when dragging a file over any
client window
* VirtualServerEdit: Save and restore window geometry
* Added error message when creating folder failed
- Fixed possible crash in whisperlistmanager when deleting channels which were
added to a whisperlist
* Permissions filter now case insensitive
- Fixed handling skip flag in permissions overview
* Display "Forced" in skip column of permissions overwhen when skip is enforced
via b_client_skip_channelgroup_permission
* Permissions filter now case insensitive
- 3d Sound: TestUsers were no longer multiplied when toggling 3d sound
- Channel edit event did not change the channel phonetic name
- Updater: Added timeout for 5 seconds. Otherwise the updater hangs infinite if
the update server cannot be reached.
- Middle mouse button didn't work with bookmark submenus
- Run disabled check on menus on server tab change
- Fixed crash with invalid client links
- Fixed all serverconnections being lost if you press a hotkey for Connect to
- BookmarkManager: Fixed IDs and statistics of duplicated entries.


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