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TeamSpeak 3 open public Beta started!

19. Dec 2009
The wait is over, TeamSpeak 3 is available! Download link (leading to TeamSpeak.com) is below.

TSViewer.com will have TS3 compatibility, thanks to ScP from planetTeamSpeak.com and Linuz from CSS-Clan.de. Not fully at the beginning, many things will need to be rewritten.

A working TS3 TSViewer should be here within hours.

Update #1 - TS 3 Viewer online

Many working hours did past and its now 3:30 am. Iam very tired but the TS 3 Viewer is included, at the moment its just basic functionality. More to come. Enjoy.

Update #2 - SitRep

So far it seems to work pretty well. There has been also found a problem in the TeamSpeak 3 server with the channellist that happens under some circumstances. If you click to see your TSViewer but only get a grey page without content, you have propably this problem too. TeamSpeak Systems has been informed and will release an update pretty soon i think.

One tip for you guys, the way how TSViewer works in TeamSpeak 3 is now different than in TeamSpeak 2. It does connect as a ServerQuery client to a TeamSpeak server and is being shown as a real client for a part of a second. This can disturb you if there are many TSViewer queries for your TeamSpeak 3 server. Therefore is a option in the TeamSpeak Client that hides such ServerQuery clients that is also set this way by default. If you see now ServerQuery clients and dont want to see them, go in your TeamSpeak 3 client to settings > options > application and untick the mark at "show ServerQuery clients".

Update #3 - TS 3 Server Bugfix

TeamSpeak Systems will release soon a new server version. The problem with some TeamSpeak servers (displaying only a grey site at TSViewer) will be fixed. Other fixes and improvements are not known yet. Yay! :)

Update #4 - TS 3 Viewer integration into your site

The Code Generator is now available. Its the first release for TeamSpeak 3. I have tested everything for functionality, but bugs are never, and especialy not now in this early stage of the TeamSpeak 3 beta excluded (from TSViewer.com code and from the TeamSpeak 3 server). More informations about the features, the possibilties and how to use it are at the code generator of your server registration. Feedback is highly wished-for. Have fun @ testing! :-)

Here you will get to the code generator of the TSViewer.com TS3 server. Take a look!

Update #5 - new TS 3 server, beta3

TeamSpeak Systems has just released a new TS 3 server version. This update is important for TSViewer users. The "empty-grey-page-problem" has been fixed in that one. Full changelog here.

TeamSpeak 3 Client & Server Download