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Major Update with Bugfixes

24. Jul 2007
In the last few days there were several changes and enhancements on TSViewer. Here are the details.

NEW = New function
OPT = optimization / enhancement
FIX = Problem fixed

1. TSViewer technology: Presentation, processing and integration
  • NEW taken libacts2 class and functions as base

  • OPT quicker query prosessing of TeamSpeak servers

  • OPT quicker buildup of TSViewer tree

  • FIX channel and user sorting now like in Windows Teamspeak Client (100% identic)

  • FIX at mouseover on an channel topic will be only displayed when present

  • NEW at mouseover on an channel user ammount will be displayed now

  • NEW choice option in code generator to display scrollbars or to hide them

  • NEW code generator now completely explained; equipped with aids and informations

  • NEW detection if TSViewer is integrated on a site with Iframe or PHP Include

  • FIX at PHP Include HTML Tag will be not longer set

  • FIX at PHP Include CSS body background color will be not longer set

  • FIX at PHP Include CSS TSViewer DIV background color will be not longer set

  • FIX at HTML Iframe now possible to hide scrollbars again

2. Offline server deletion
  • NEW warning email now after 15 days offline time instead of 5 days as before

  • NEW setting of inactivity status now after 30 days offline time instead of full server deletion after 10 days as before

Now you are able to integrate TSViewer perfectly on your site with PHP Include without colliding on problems or bugs. For all those, who always wanted to hide the annoyance scrollbars can do this now. Server which are offline for a longer time period will not be longer deleted after 10 days. It needs now 30 days offline time till a server get set to inactivity status (it will be not deleted); you can reactivate it.

At this point i want to thank Sven "ScP" Paulsen - PlanetTeamSpeak.com

His efforts in the last days, weeks, months and even years have characterized the TSViewer and made much things first possible and revised others. Thanks for the numerous training hours in TeamSpeak and pretty often night-time VNC sessions. He is always helpful and available e.g. in TeamSpeak.com forums, on his page PlanetTeamSpeak.com and on TeamSpeak-Einstieg.de.

Who search for TeamSpeak Third-Party-Tools as the TS Admin Client, TS Perlmod or others or wants to talk with component people about TeamSpeak and his tools will feel very comfortable on PlanetTeamSpeak.com. Here you will find the big names of the TeamSpeak tools scene. You can exchange with them e.g. when you want to programm your own tool for TeamSpeak and more.

As well i want to say thanks again to Michael "Linuz" Dukaczewski from CSS-Clan.de for his time and work in the last months and even years.

Without his efforts and knowledge in PHP, JAVA, MYSQL and Linux would be many things not possible. Absolutely essential friends. Thanks!

Enjoy the new TSViewer.com experience.