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Time Zone Setting

14. Apr 2007
You had always to recalculate the time informations from TSViewer.com to your time zone? This is history. You can change the time zone now!

It is important to have the correct time value set because the current day is different in different parts of the world. If you have the wrong setting, TSViewer.com may calculate the current day and time wrongly when it comes to retrieving of time relevant informations.

The server is located in Germany and is working with GMT +1, this is the default time zone setting on TSViewer.com. If you are not inside this timezone its important to set it to the correct value. Once the setting is correct all dates and times on TSViewer.com will be recalculated to your time zone.

Please select from the drop-down menu located >>> here <<< and click on the right button. The page will reload twice to set and use the values from the cookie which will be placed on your computer.

If you have cookies disabled you arent able to change the time zone value.