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Big October Update

22. Oct 2006
Hello dear TeamSpeakViewer friends,

much has happened during the last few weeks here on TSViewer.com. Some things are clearly visible and others are not. Let me just explain what has been changed

Many people have thanked me for the TeamSpeak User history and consider it a very important tool. But still, there is a small but essential feature missing: the sorting function. So I´ve made it possible to sort the user history list according to nickname, channel and date. This does not only ensure a clear arrangement, but also a more simple search.

Code Generator
In order to let you integrate the TeamSpeakViewer more easily into your homepage,Ive added font family and font size to the already existing integration options.
You can choose font sizes between 7 and 13 pixels and by selecting the font family you can choose one of the 5 most common fonts which are preinstalled on every computer. TSViewer can now be integrated into homepages via PHP Include. This is one of the most important new features. Terrible scrollbars as for example known from the IFrame method should be history. You need PHP knowledge, though, and your site or your CMS has to allow own PHP code.

Until now, the serverlists have been generated entirely. This caused long loading times, too busy servers and confusion. This is also history. The pager splits the lists into pages with 100 entries each. Besides, there are more important filters available for you. With their help you can filter the lists as you wish. You can filter for example "servers with more than 5 persons", "only server from a certain country", "only servers without a password" and so on. Check it out! The comment system, the news and the user history use this pager, too, but without further filters.

Server Favorites
So far, it was only possible to save maximally 10 entries in the favourites and each server needed a cookie on your computer. This could lead to problems as browsers only accept a maximum of 20 cookies for every domain which means that if there are more than 20 cookies needed, older cookies will be overwritten by new ones. This should no longer happen here on TSViewer.com! You can now save as many entries in your favourites as you want, the data will be saved in one single cookie. Beyond that, the selection is easier now. You can select the entries from the list or with the "Add to favourites" button at the top of every entry here on TSViewer.com. You do not need to register yourself to use the server favourites. Just take a look!

What still remains to be said
TeamSpeakViewer is constantly developed further and improved. Some very interesting and important things are on my TO-DO list. If you have any ideas how to improve the TSViewer then just contact me or use the news comments! I am open to everything.

I would be very happy if you linked TSViewer.com on your sites! You will find the banners at the "about the project" section at the bottom. Help me centralize the communication in eSports with TeamSpeak! Who knowsà Perhaps someday you will only have to enter the name of a friend in the user search here on TSViewer.com and you will find him. This depends on how many servers are registered here. Help me realize this! Tell your friends and friendly webmasters about TSViewer.com and let them register their TeamSpeak servers here.

Mariusz aka ginger|HFD