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TeamSpeak 2 Server Hosting

19. Mar 2006
Finally it is so far, the co-operation with the Serverhoster www.CrowFire.de carries its fruits. TSViewer.com is offering now TeamSpeak 2 server hosting in germany. No basic charges, no minimum contract running time, not even a contract, but however a fair price level and the well-known CrowFire power. Independently of the Slotnumber costs a Slot in the month only 30 ÔéČuro-Cent.

Details are as follows:
- licensed TeamSpeak hosting company (www.crowfire.de)
- 30 �uro-Cent per slot
- no minimum contract running time
- no hidden fees
- full entrance to the TS Webinterface as well as the server itself
- free support
- no contract connection! Only commodity against cash
- automatic disconnection when no payment, i.e. if you dont want the server anymore, simply do not pay

There is only one problem for non germany-residents:
You have to pay via bank credit transfer or paypal. The bills and the registration forms are in german at the moment.

So if you can live with this you can order an TeamSpeak server at: