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New design & server

26. Feb 2006
Ok i got it ready, iam presenting you right now the TSViewer with a new design and on a new server. This AMD Opteron 146 CPU server is rented especialy for this site and is sponsored by the gameserverhosting company www.CrowFire.de. The cronjobs which are starting the global server scan are running now every 10 minutes. This means more accurate search results.

I will add more categories to the serverlist in the next time because there are a lot missing games and gametypes in the "Various" category at the moment. I will also build new dynamic signatures with other dimensions. There is also a new video tutorial on my harddisk waiting to be released but it is only available in german as the other ones. I hope you like the new design. If you have an good idea for a missing feature or something else just contact me!