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Sitetransfer in a few days

21. Feb 2006
I want to inform you about a site removal to a root server in the next few days. It will follow then a new design and the partnership with the serverhosting company Crowfire.de will be announced officialy then. Crowfire.de is sponsoring this new root server where the tsviewer will be hosted on in a few days. Due to the removal to this root server there will be a big performaceincrease, then i will maybe decrease the time difference between the global server scans to 5 minutes. It are in the moment 15 minutes time difference.

The site will be probably down for a few hours because i have to transfer all files and the database. The domains has to be rerouted too. I cant say at the moment which day it will be because i dont know when the domain-change will be completed and i can determine about them.