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Site-relaunch completed

20. Jan 2006
The new site is uploaded. The Script works perfectly and the backgroundwork has been optimized. The main functions like the person search, iframe integration and the dynamic signatures are now better reachable and clear to recognize. The site is as already so far bilingual, with an important difference, only one language is shown, this has the consequence that the layout is more clear and the whole site is now more structured.

A great help at this update were ScP and Felix. Without ScP's large PHP assistance concerning the team peak Query class and some other PHP things, the site would still run on the old system Many thanks here again for this great help!

Now there is also more data written into the database:
- Nickname, loginname, channel, logintime, idletime, server, time

The site is now also reachable over www.tsviewer.net and www.tsviewer.com. If sometimes a domain should be down the TSViewer is also always reachable over tsviewer.hfd.de. I hope that the all around renewed site is still better as before and hope for a few comments about this update!

Some of you get a new error message, "Server version incompatible and too old". This is caused by a old server version you are running. Please update your server. The old versions will be not any longer supported. Do this at least for your own server security. You get new versionfs from www.goteamspeak.com.