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Every year again ... is a hard disk at its end (KIA)

13. May 2019
Today, the service has been unavailable since 4:00 in the morning (GMT +1).

After 5 years of operation, the second SSD has reached its end of life and was lovingly carried to its final resting place by the service technicians in the data center. Since today at noon we may welcome two new SSDs in the hardware family of TSViewer.com. May they render faithful services to all of us.

In short, the service is now back online with a backup from yesterday morning. The data loss amounts to approx. 20 hours and the failure lasted 19 hours (server re-installation and backup recovery took place after work).


- server reinstall
- software raid 1 disbanded (better disk performance without an raid compound)
- backup import and adjustments regarding the new Disk IDs
- the server runs from /dev/sda1 (as soon as it dies, /dev/sda2 will continue the service)