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August Update (Performance & TSDNS/SRV A)

30. Aug 2016
Kurze Info zu erfolgten Ă„nderungen.


It is now possible to register TS3 servers which use TSDNS or SRV A records as server address. Double redirects from SRV A to TSDNS are also supported. TS3 server IP address resolves are done the same way as by the TS3 client and the resolved IP address is also not shown here.

TSViewer Performance

When working on the TSDNS support i noticed an improvement for the TS3 server queries. Ive tested and implemented it immediately. An TS3 server query is now 200-300% faster than previously.

European servers get queried in about 100-200ms and American in about 500-800ms. With this change, the TSViewer builds up on your sites and also here, significantly faster.

Server visibility

As some of you got unwanted troll visitors and therefore wished to minimize the visibility of your TS3 server, it has been requested that an server can not be found in the lists. This is now possible. You can select in the options of an registered server to exclude it from the country and category lists.

Server registration

It is no longer possible to register servers, without correctly set TSViewer permissions. There will be shown an explanation and a prompt to solve this permissions problem if someone tries to register a server that is affected by this. I want to prevent the situation, that right after a server has been registered, the user is confronted with the error code 2568 issue and leaves it unresolved.

Flood-Ban issues get also handled.